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Standard License

The standard license gives you the right to use any item purchased from Curve and Pixel in unlimited personal projects or a single commercial project for yourself or a client. The item cannot be re-sold or re-distributed, or be used in a project where the item constitutes the primary core value of the project or product.

You can:

  • Use the item to create a logo or graphic for yourself or a client.
  • Use the images and fonts on your website or a client’s website.
  • Use the images and fonts in digital or print media.
  • Use the items in a computer game or application.
  • Print the images and fonts on saleable items; as long as the items are not for mass commercial reproduction (More than 500 sold units). In this case, it will be necessary to purchase an extended license.
  • Modify the items as much or as little as you wish for use in your project.
  • Credit the original designer in your work; however, this is not required at all.

You cannot:

  • Use any imagery or text from this website without express written permission from Curve and Pixel. Permission is ceded to a buyer within the scope of this license agreement when purchasing an item from this site.
  • Redistribute, sub-license, transfer or sell the item, or even give it away for free. The product is intended for use in your project. You may not include the original purchased items (or source files) in any distributed end products. Should you wish to include, for example, a font with your project it will be necessary for each recipient to purchase a standard license from Curve and Pixel for use.
  • Sell the item where the item itself represents the core value of the product being sold.
  • Use the item as a brand or trademark. You cannot trademark the item or use it in such a fashion that it in itself becomes a trademark. For instance, a graphic used as a character in a mobile or computer game.
  • Use an item for more than one commercial project. A standard license is required for each project in which it’s used. The exceptions are:
  • Fonts, which can be used in an unlimited number of projects but are limited to a single user on a maximum of two computers.
  • When using the items in personal projects.
  • Use the item in an application, tool or website that allows users to create their own products.


What is considered personal use and what is considered commercial use?

Personal use is any project where there will not be any financial gain, by either yourself or the recipient. For example, scrapbooking, creating birthday and Christmas cards. As long as you are not charging for the service.

Commercial use is any other project where there is any financial or other commercial gain, such as using the items in marketing campaigns or on business cards or letter heads and the like. This includes using the items for the benefit of non-profit organisations.

What is an extended license and how do I get one?

An extended license, simply extends your usage rights for the item to some degree. Such an extension might include being able to print the item on a mass produced saleable product or being able to use the item across multiple projects, or even extending perpetual rights to the item and having us remove it from our store for sale.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirement and we will tailor an extended license that meets your needs.

I’m still confused, I’m not sure how or when I can use this?

Please contact us at support@curveandpixel and we’ll happily discuss your requirements and explain what you can and can’t do with the item under the standard license.